Snapchat Leaked

Snapchat leak

Snapchat recently got attacked by a group of malicious hackers which caused a massive Snapchat Leak. This is not the first time that Snapchat’s security has been comprimised. There have been several Snapchat hacks in the past and even now there are several websites that offer a purported Snapchat Hack. However, the difference this time is that in this Snapchat Leak you can view all the images that a person has sent or received through their Snapchat account if they were included in the leak. You might think that this leak of Snapchat’s files by the hackers only included a small amount of people but you might be surprised.

When I checked it out to see if my own account was compromised in the hack I was baffled to see that it actually was. I have absolutely no clue how my images could have gotten leaked. Normally when a Snapchat hack like this happens it’s because of a third party application that gets hacked but that was not the case this time. This time it’s not yet known how the Snapchat photos got leaked, but it’s worrying to see that in 2017 this is still happening.

Luckily when reached out to and asked them if they could remove my Snaps from their website they complied and were very friendly about it. I checked back 2 days later and they did actually remove my account from their database. If you suspect that your account might have been hacked I would highly suggest you to check it on their database. It’s free to use and very simple, all you need to do is enter the username you use on Snapchat and it will tell you if any of your images have been leaked.

If it turns out that your account has been compromised and your Snaps leaked I would suggest contacting them and asking them to remove your account from their database. In my experience they respond back quite quickly and you might be able to remove your account from their database before anyone gets the chance to view your Snaps, but you will have to act fast.

Forge of Empires Cheats

Cheats for Forge of Empires – are they real?

A few weeks ago my son showed me a game on his phone. It was called Forge of Empires. He knew that I was a fan of strategy games and asked me if I wanted to play it with him. Of course I didn’t pass up on the opportunity to do an activity with my son, but I quickly found out that there’s a lot of content in the game that you need to pay for. However, just about as I was to take out my credit card my son told me that there was no need because there’s a website that has Forge of Empires cheats. Naturally I was a bit skeptical at first, especially since the website was free to use. But he said that he had been using these Forge of Empires cheats for a while now and that they worked very well for him. I trusted my son and tried the website out for myself and to my surprise my resources increased tremendously after using it. It made the game a lot more fun to play with him now that I could use it without having to spend money on it.

We’ve progressed quite far in the game already! If you’re also a fan of Forge of Empires and want to enjoy the game without paying for it then he and I strongly recommend you to take a look at the site we mentioned below. There’s a limit to how many resources you can obtain with their Forge of Empires cheats but for us it’s more than enough and it sure as hell beats paying for it!

If you want to join us in our Forge of Empires tribe then simply leave a comment with your username and we’ll invite you. We’re always looking for more players and cheaters are welcome!

TechTips – How to Fix the Vista Logon Error

Fixing the Vista Logon Error

I don’t know how many times I have had to fix this issue in Vista but it’s a real nightmare. I can’t tell you exactly what causes this error to happen, some people think it’s because a user renamed their user name folder (C:\users\(your profile name here). Others have said that it’s caused by a person or program manually deleting the user profile, which thankfully isn’t taken out of the Registry and is what allows us to fix this common error. Whatever the case follow these simple steps and you will be logged back in to your computer in no time.
1. First make sure you are logged in as an administrator, if you aren’t then login as the admin.

2. Click Start.

3. In the Search bar (white text box that says start search) type in Regedit and hit enter.

4. In the registry (be careful in here it can cause issues you make mistakes in the registry) you will want to navigate to the key.

a. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

5. Once in the Key you will want to find the SID entry with .BAK on the end of it and click on it.

6. Now you will want to find the ProfileImagePath and make sure it’s your user account (there may be more than one SID with .BAK on the end of it, make sure you are fixing the right one.

7. Now above this key with the .BAK there is probably an identical key without the .BAK on the end, it might not be directly above, but find the other identical SID without .BAK.

8. Ok so now you have two SIDs one with BAK and one without, right click on the one without the .BAK and choose RENAME.

9. At the end of the long number put .OLD (should look like 1234.OLD) and hit enter.

10. Now right click on the SID with the .BAK, and choose RENAME.

11. Remove the .BAK and hit enter

12. Now go back and rename the other SID with .OLD to .BAK and hit enter.

13. Now you will want to go to the option within your SID without the .BAK and choose RefCount and click Modify. (If RefCount isn’t there add it by right clicking and adding a DWORD RefCount)

14. The value for RefCount should be a 0 if it is you can leave it, if not change the value to 0, and if you had to create it of course set the value to 0 if the default isn’t 0.

15. Now choose the option State and set the value to a 0.

16. Close the registry

17. Reboot and logon with the previously broken account

Once you have done all of the above and the computer has rebooted you should be able to logon with the account that was giving the error message. If for some reason the registry fix doesn’t work there is another option but it means deleting the user account and losing any and all data contained in the account. The steps to delete the account are very similar, check them out below.

1. First make sure you are logged in as an administrator, if you aren’t then login as the admin.

2. Click Start.

3. In the Search bar (white text box that says start search) type in Regedit and hit enter.

4. In the registry (be careful in here it can cause issues you make mistakes in the registry) you will want to navigate to the key.

a. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

5. Now the key probably won’t have .BAK so you will want to click on the SIDs until you find the one with your profile name in it under ProfileImagePath if it is the same as your user account then this is the one you want to delete.

6. Before you delete this key make sure you back it up just in case. To do this right click on the SID and choose Export. Save the file someplace safe like an external USB or another hard drive or disk. (To restore this backup, simple right click the file and choose Merge)

7. Now right click the SID for your profile and choose Delete, you will be prompted to make sure you want to do this, click YES, and you are done.

8. Now just create another Admin account, reboot and logon with the new user name and password.

Simple enough, but keep in mind the second method is going to get rid of anything that was in the profile previously. So only do the second step if you are sure you want to get rid of what was in the user’s profile.

I hope this guide comes in handy for anyone dealing with this Vista Error.

He’s Finally Getting an IPhone!

For the last year, I’ve monitored every major news outlet and techy site in cyberspace. I’ve even stalked Facebook and Twitter hoping to uncover any sign of the iPhone coming to Verizon Wireless. You’re probably thinking I’m the one obsessed with the iPhone, but it’s not me. It’s my husband, Brandon. He’s absolutely obsessed with all things that happen to have a brand name starting with a lowercase “i” in front of them, created by Apple, and introduced by none other than Steve Jobs.
He’s watched co-workers, friends, and sadly his 11 year old cousin, flaunt their iPhones in his face, all while praying that Verizon and iPhone would become one someday. Well that day is finally here. On January 11th, Verizon made the long awaited announcement that the iPhone will be available to preorder for existing customers on February 3rd and new customers on February 10th. My detective work paid off, along with my begging and pleading, because I convinced my husband to not jump ship and head over to the other guys.

So I’m finally getting peace of mind. My days of hearing Brandon’s infomercials and public service announcements over why he needs have an iPhone are numbered. And he’s finally getting an iPhone!

Which Graphics Card to Get in late 2017?

Upgrading your Graphics card

Graphics cards have been developing very quickly in the past few years. A lot faster than processors, that’s for sure. When I built my computer in 2014 I decked it out with pretty high end stuff, and while most of the components still hold up pretty well, there’s one pretty big bottleneck; the graphics card.

Luckily, upgrading your graphics card it quite easy. However, it is not so easy to decide which one to buy. There are so many that it’s hard to know which one you need. This video helped me out a  lot in deciding which graphics card to buy, maybe it will be of use for you too: