Lunar Knights Review

Lunar Knights Review

The fact that a game fails to attract widespread acclaim and financial success because of how original or unique it is happens much more often than most gamers would like to believe. Either the game falls into obscurity or it is overhauled to some degree to the point where it will be more accessible to a general consumer populous and thus garner the attention the original should have. The latter is much more uncommon, but nonetheless that is the basic story of the development Konami’s Lunar Knights. Formerly known as Boktai, Lunar Knights is the third installment of the series that has its roots on the Game Boy Advance. While the series ultimate loses what made it unique (Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand and Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django), the sun sensor, it still manages to retain its game play and thus remains a good title.
The basic premise of Lunar Knights sets you up in a world which is firmly in the control of vampires and by that humankind has been kicked down a notch on the proverbial food chain. The sun being blocked out and various other elements have made the only resistance a small guide. You’ll be introduced to two characters, both of which you’ll inevitably control and use to combat the vampires that are in power. Both characters have their own strengths and you’ll switch between the two to gain the advantage over a particular enemy. Whereas most games lack a decent script or writing in general, Lunar Knights manages to be believable in nearly every aspect even when you consider the fact that it’s an anime based vampire hunter game with space combat thrown into the mix.

The game plays like a dungeon crawler but manages to stray away from weaker titles in that series in that it’s enjoyable. Switching characters is a quick process and recharging weapons (as you’ll have to do to stay at your best) can. Oddly enough after boss battles you’ll have to engage in a space battle. It feels abrupt and out of place, and it’s not really easy to get into if you’re not a fan of space shooters. The new turn the series had taken also strays from the puzzle elements that were featured in the first two games, which clearly makes it more action packed.

The graphics are good but aren’t anything extraordinary, however the cut-scenes are exceptional. The music is also pretty well done and moves from highs to lows to adjust to the mood of the game. Surprisingly, the overall sound of the game doesn’t match the quality of the music and it actually shows more than it should. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take too much out of the game.

Overall, if you’re looking for a vampire hunting title you’re probably better off picking up one of the Castlevania titles already available for the DS. However, if the sun senor was the reason why you didn’t get into the spiritual predecessors, then this is a perfect time to see what you’ve been missing out on. Utilizing the original games you can even make use of the sensor, though you probably won’t want to. Overall 7.2/10

Game Review: World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a Massively Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game (MMORPG). WoW has a long, detailled, compelling storyline which keeps players interested and always with something to do. The biggest part of the storyline involves two major factions, Alliance and Horde. Players can choose which faction to become apart of, and then make and customize their own characters from this.
WoW has many different classes to choose from, which allows for a lot of different types of characters to keep the game entertaining. Players can customize their: faction, race, gender, skin color and facial attributes. From there, players level their characters up and play through the content of the game.


WoW is an excellent game for players to work on their own, or in groups with other players. With several different ways for players to interact with each other, whether it working together to kill monsters in the game or working together to kill other players in the game. The gameplay is always exciting and there is always something to do in the game which allows for much entertainment. This makes the game’s gameplay very good since it is extremely fun to play.

Pros: A lot of interaction between players. There are a lot of things players can do by themselves, in small groups or even in large groups. With a lot of variety, this makes the game a lot of fun to play.

Cons: The game is very time consuming. As their is a lot to do within the game, it requires a lot of time. Some players may find the amount of time spent in the game can be regarded as excessive.

Rating: 22/25

Graphics and Audio

World of Warcraft’s graphics are not overly amazing. The intent of this game is more in the gameplay and storyline, and less focus on the graphics.

The audio in WoW is decent, the soundtracks in the game are really well done.

Pros: Low performance computers can run WoW without difficulty, this will broaden the community.

Cons: Many players enjoy really well done grpahics, and from experience, would like to see an increase in quality.

Rating: 18/25


WoW was one of the first MMORPG’s ever made. It is also by far the most successful MMORPG ever made. It is based on a unique idea with a well thought out storyline. There is no other on the market, which allows players to enjoy the game, and not feel that the game is too repetitive based on any other game out there.

Rating: 25/25


WoW is a unique idea with a well thought out storyline. This is the formula for a successful MMORPG. WoW keeps players interested and entertained. World of Warcraft has over 10million subscribers and the amount of accounts is constantly growing.

Game Rating: 90/100