Snapchat Leaked

Snapchat leak

Snapchat recently got attacked by a group of malicious hackers which caused a massive Snapchat Leak. This is not the first time that Snapchat’s security has been comprimised. There have been several Snapchat hacks in the past and even now there are several websites that offer a purported Snapchat Hack. However, the difference this time is that in this Snapchat Leak you can view all the images that a person has sent or received through their Snapchat account if they were included in the leak. You might think that this leak of Snapchat’s files by the hackers only included a small amount of people but you might be surprised.

When I checked it out to see if my own account was compromised in the hack I was baffled to see that it actually was. I have absolutely no clue how my images could have gotten leaked. Normally when a Snapchat hack like this happens it’s because of a third party application that gets hacked but that was not the case this time. This time it’s not yet known how the Snapchat photos got leaked, but it’s worrying to see that in 2017 this is still happening.

Luckily when reached out to and asked them if they could remove my Snaps from their website they complied and were very friendly about it. I checked back 2 days later and they did actually remove my account from their database. If you suspect that your account might have been hacked I would highly suggest you to check it on their database. It’s free to use and very simple, all you need to do is enter the username you use on Snapchat and it will tell you if any of your images have been leaked.

If it turns out that your account has been compromised and your Snaps leaked I would suggest contacting them and asking them to remove your account from their database. In my experience they respond back quite quickly and you might be able to remove your account from their database before anyone gets the chance to view your Snaps, but you will have to act fast.