Star Wars: The Old Republic – the Classes

If you have played any of Bioware’s previous titles, you understand all too well their unmatched ability for story-telling. Now, Bioware has stepped into an entirely different ring: the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). Star Wars: The Old Republic is in development and the character classes available to players has finally been released in all of its wonderous glory.
There are 8 classes, divided amongst the Republic and the Sith Empire. The four classes for the Republic are the Trooper, the Smuggler, the Jedi Knight, and the Jedi Consular. For the Sith Empire, you have the following to choose from: the Bounty Hunter, the Imperial Agent, the Sith Warrior, and the Sith Inquisitor. Here is a brief description of each of these classes.

The Trooper

Not all of the Republics heroes can wield a lightsaber or the Force. Sometimes it takes a man with courage to pick up a rifle and fight. The Trooper is that guy. This class will be dealing a lot of ranged damaged and maybe do some tanking. They will have plenty of armor and powerful blaster rifles. With abilities like Grenade Launcher to give a ranged opponent an explosive gift or an up close and personal appointment with the butt of his rifle, the Trooper is the epitome of Republic willpower.

The Smuggler

Based the on the “Han Solo” archetype, the Smuggler uses his wits and cunning to defeat his opponents. Outfitted with blaster pistols, this class will be the first to feature a concept new to the MMORPG genre: the ability to use cover. The Smuggler will be able to hide behind crates, barrels, walls, or anything else you can think of, and use it to avoid taking fire. Then he will pop out and blast his opponent with a volley of phaser fire. The age-old question of who shot first: Solo or Greedo will now be obsolete… shoot first or shoot later. It’s your choice.

The Jedi Knight

This class is based on the Mace Windu type, a skilled Force-using warrior. With his lightsaber in hand, he can jump into the thick of battle and go toe-to-toe with the best that the Sith Empire has to offer. Outfitted with leathers and some heavy armor and wielding his lightsaber, the Knight will utilize his force abilities with grace and strength to cut through enemy lines. The Jedi Knight has abilities such as Lightsaber Throw and Force Push. This no doubt will be a popular class.

The Jedi Consular

For those of you looking to be like Yoda or Obi Wan Kenobi, this is the class for you. Designed to be more of a crowd control class, the Consular uses his Force powers to keep his foes at bay. While the Knight would be more prone to rely on his lightsaber, the Consular uses abilities like Force Repulse to send surrounding enemies flying away. This is a crowd control class and quite possibly will be one of the most powerful and interesting to play.

The Bounty Hunter

While the Sith are not quite favorable of Bounty Hunters, this is a class of Boba Fetts. With the ability to use a jet pack and weapons like the flame thrower and rocket launcher, the Bounty Hunter will be a fast paced combatant who relies on his speed and agility to quickly blast his enemies into oblivion. What kind of role this class will play in the group remains to be seen but you can expect this class to be a dangerous, especially to Force users.

The Imperial Agent

The Imperial Agent is a terrifying special skills foe. Essentially, a high damage blaster assassin, the Agent utilizes his special gizmos and gadgets along with his blaster rifle to burn holes through the enemy ranks. Whether it is assassinating a Republic diplomat or a Sith acolyte who crossed the line, the Agent gets the job down silently and quickly. This will no doubt be a terror in the PvP parts of the game.

The Sith Warrior

This class is the equivalent of Darth Maul, a fierce fighter with dangerous force powers. The Sith Warrior leaps head-first into combat and carves a bloody swath of death and destruction through Republic army ranks. His ability to Force Choke and hurtle through the air at his enemies creates a deadly combination with the ferocity of his lightsabers. More than likely, this will become a very popular DPS class.

The Sith Inquisitor

For those of you who have always dreamed of being like Darth Sidious or Tyrannus, this is the ultimate aggressive Force User. The Inquisitor relies on his Force Abilities such as Force Lightning and Force Drain to controls his targets and destroy them. The lightsaber is still an important aspect of the arsenal but like the Consular, it uses the Force as its primary weapon against the Republic and the Light Side of the Force.

Those are the brief overviews of all eight classes for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Go to for more detailed information.