5 Things You Should Do While Visiting Pascadero

Situated to the North of Santa Cruz, Pescadero is a tiny yet beautiful town amidst farms. This beautiful place is perfect for a weekend getaway trip if you live in Southern California. With lush greenery and mesmerizing views, this proves you do not have to travel miles to enjoy a day or two of peace and solitude. There some unique things to do in Pescadero California which you will miss if you do not visit over there.

5 activities which you have to take part while visiting Pescadero

If you want to enjoy Pescadero truly, you have to consider the following things to do. They are:

Visit Pie Ranch

As the name suggests you will obviously get to eat pies while visiting here. But this place does not only serve cakes, but it is also much more than that. Pie Ranch is a farm which serves pies and freshly brewed coffee from the materials newly produced in their farms. The place comes with outdoor picnic tables where you can have outdoor dining as well. Pie Ranch hosts monthly barn dances which are another attraction of this site. If you come to Pescadero, you have to visit this place.

Enjoy an organic day in Harley Farms

Harley Farms is not just a farm, and it is a way of life amid Pescadero. If you visit the farm, you will not believe how much you would enjoy yourself. From watching goats running around in the back of the farm to tasting chevre logs, the place makes sure you truly connect to nature. The farm also has a hayloft, where you and your family can have lunch or dinner parties, or you can rent the area to celebrate any big event of your life.

The place also offers body bath products which are made from goat milk. You can buy souvenirs from Harley farms to gift your loved ones.

Stay a night at Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point lighthouse is 115-foot high making it one of the tallest towers in the USA. This place offers travelers the opportunity to live a night or two at the beacon. Though the site is not that well-maintained it would be an amazingly unique experience for you to spend a night over there. Pigeon Point lighthouse has outdoor hot tubs and affordable hostels.

The place is just a five-minute ride from Pescadero and stuffed with beautiful beaches. You will get to see unique underwater creatures from there. Spending a night at a lighthouse is something you never thought of doing but would undoubtedly be a unique experience to have in a lifetime. It is one of the best things to do in Pescadero California.

Live in cabins for a day at Costanoa

If you do not want to spend your days living in hostels and motels in Pescadero, you should visit Costanoa for a change. This place is for those travelers who wish to taste camping without actually having to camp. The site has Douglas fir cabins and tent bungalows which comes with regular maid-services. You will also get to avail a convenience store which is just outside your cabins. There you would get potato chips, wine, and even a fully serviceable bar.

Try to avoid visiting this place during summer, since several families spend their vacation over there and you will not get to experience the camp feel if you visit at that time. Though the place has shared bathrooms, yet living a day or two over, there is a unique experience which will happen only if you visit Pescadero.

Visit Ano Nuevo State Park

Ano Nuevo State Park is one of the best hiking spots in the country. This place is the home for Northern elephant seals. You will get to book a guided walk along the windswept rocks in the park and over there you will get to watch the seals with your eyes. You can also stroll along the pathways in the park and enjoy the mesmerizing views if you are not interested in seeing mammals mating.

The things mentioned above are a must for anyone who is visiting Pescadero. Do not forget to do those in your visit over there.

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